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Model Mfg Price description Type Size
AVXXADV2 Sirius $ 45 Sirius AVXXADV2 XM XADV2 Dock & Play PowerConnect System Vehicle Kit    
CNP2000UCA Sirius $ 101 XM CNP2000UCA Universal Mini Tuner Car Adapter Kit - Cables Included, XM Tuner Dock, Antenna    
CNPALP1 Audiovox $ 23 Alpine adapter cable for XM    
CNPJEN1 Audiovox $ 19 Jensen adapter cable for XM    
CNPKEN1 Audiovox $ 17 Audiovox car XM radio cable, Kenwood adapter cable for XM    
CNPSON1 Audiovox $ 20 SONY adapter cable for XM    
SADV2 Sirius $ 42 Sirius SADV2 Dock & Play PowerConnect Second Vehicle Kit - Sirius/XM Compatible, Universal Plug    
SUP-H1 Sirius $ 45 Sirius SUP-H1 Universal Plug & Play Home Kit for Satellite Radio, satellite radio receiver accessory kit DOCK AND PLAY    
XAPH1 Sirius $ 37 Sirius/XM XAPH1 Home Kit - Compatible For XMP3i    
XDRC2V1 Sirius $ 136 Audiovox XDRC2V1 XpressRCi Satellite Radio    

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