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B-990 (B-990 ) - Battery-Biz Hi-Capacity camcorder battery - NiMH Sharp Camcorder Battery Battery Biz B-990 Camcorder Battery - For Sharp Viewcam VL-A110U VL-630U VL-A 17 Battery-Biz
B-9607 (B-9607 ) - Battery Biz B-9607 Li-Ion Hi-Capacity Camcorder Battery - Hitachi, Panasonic NV, PV, VDR Series 20 Battery-Biz
B-9580 (B-9580 ) - Battery Biz B-9580 Camcorder/Camera Battery- equivalent to Duracell DR511, for Sony - NP-FS10, NP-FS11, NP-FS12 25 Battery-Biz
B-9523 (B-9523 ) - Battery-Biz Camcorder Battery 16 Battery-Biz
BTI-SY-IL (BTI-SY-IL ) - Battery Technology Camcorder Battery for Canon - 7.4V, 1800mAh 31 BTI
BP-808 (2740B002 ) - Canon BP-808 Battery Pack, for Canon FS100, FS10 and FS11 models 61 Canon
ER-D120 (ERD120GRN ) - Energizer Camera Battery, Lithium Ion Digital Camera Battery, 7.4V, 1400mAh, Compatible with Panasonic and Hitachi Digital Camcorders, Replaces: Digipower BP-PNU14, Hitachi DZ-BP14S, and Panasonic CGA-DU14A/1B batteries 19 Energizer
ER-C610 (ER-C610 ) - Energizer ER-C610 Lithium Ion Battery For JVC, Panasonic, RCA 73 Energizer
BN-VG114US (BNVG114US ) - JVC Lithium Ion Data Battery for HD And Standard Everio camcorders, 1400mAh / 3.6V, Replacement battery for HD and standard Everio camcorders 46 JVC
SP-J2000 (SPJ2000 ) - Lenmar SP J2000 - camcorder battery - NiCd x 1, NiCd Multi 6V 2000mAh 27 Lenmar
LIC511 (LIC511 ) - Lenmar Camcorder Battery, Replaces Canon BP-511 and BP-512, 7.4Volt 1300mAh (2.5hr.), NoMEM Lithium-Ion, 3 Year Warranty 18 Lenmar
DLCS40 (DLCS40 ) - Lenmar DLCS40 Replacement Battery for Casio NP-40, CASIO NP-40DBA NOMEN LI-ION 3.7v, Replaces Casio NP40, 3.7V 1230mAh, Lithium Ion 17 Lenmar
VW-VBJ10 (VW-VBJ10 ) - Panasonic VW-VBJ10 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion 1000 mAh Battery Pack for Compatible Panasonic Camcorders, 1Hr LithIon Battery for SDR-S7 SDR-SW20 & SDR-S10 45 Panasonic
NPFH50 (NPFH50 ) - Sony InfoLithium H Series NP-FH50 - camcorder battery - Li-Ion HYBRID INFOLITHIUM 58 Sony




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